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Guests, Panels, and Performances

Animanga Expo invites guest performers and panelists ranging from amateurs bands, YouTubers, and bands from across the sea. We are looking for professional, informative, exciting and fun activities with great hosts. We accept application for fan panels and workshops. Do you have an idea for a panel you’d like to run at this year’s convention? We want to hear it! Connect with old fans and reach new ones at Animanga Expo!

Panel submissions will open on January 15, 2017 and will close on June 30, 2018 or when all time slots fill up. If a panel is accepted it will be posted on our website, so please be sure to check periodically. 


Noble, aka Lost Pause

Guest, Panelist, Youtuber

What's cracking, guys?  Meet Noble of the YouTube channel "Lost Pause" currently over 1.1 million subscribers. He's just a son of a gun that enjoys a cringey joke, quality memes, anime, and generally being a doof on camera just to get you to laugh and smile. If you had your day brightened at all, then that means it's a job well done on his end. Also hosting a fun Q&A Panel for you to enjoy!


Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...