Industry Application Form

Animanga 2019 welcomes those directly involved in creation, design, writing, editing, or production of anime, manga/manhwa, and/or video games including, but not limited to publishers, distributors, animation studios, and development companies. We also consider those in more technical fields, such as executives, marketing, sales, business development, advertising, legal representatives, and other industry professionals who need to attend the convention for business reasons.

Complimentary Industry Badges are extended as a courtesy of Animanga, if approved.

Responses to applications may take up to four (4) weeks. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Animanga reserves the right to approve or reject applications at its discretion. You will be notified about further registration requirements should we wish to proceed. If you do not qualify for industry registration, please use the Attendee Registration Form. If you are not sure if you qualify, please fill out the form below and select "Other" in the Category Section.


Please note: Badges are limited. Please apply as soon as possible to give us time to review you application.



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Contact Name
i.e. writer, artist, penciller, inker, colorist, letterer, animator, designer, sculptor, editor, publisher, producer, actor, etc
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If none apply, please choose "Other" and specify in the comment section below.
Please submit verification materials to justify Industry status. If you have a link or URL, or would like to detail credentials, you may list it below. Documents can be sent via email to, or faxed to 646-490-9810. Verification materials can include credited or uncredited work. If work is uncredited, both proof of employment and job title must be provided. Examples include a sample of the work, a screen capture of end credits, a link to a company webpage stating your name and title, freelance contracts, etc. A recent project must be included.
Qualifications? Questions about the convention? Feel free to comment below.