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Thank you for your interest in being part of making Animanga 2018 special. We are looking for professional, informative, exciting and fun activities with great hosts. We accept applications for fan panels and workshops. Connect with old fans and reach new ones at Animanga 2018!

To host a panel, you must be over the age of 16. Panel submissions should:

  • Directly involve anime, manga, or gaming. We also accept panels involving Japanese culture, American comics, and other forms of animation such as cartoons, especially if the fanbase is large.
  • Be well-planned and have supporting materials. You should be passionate about your chosen topic, and have a clear set of guidelines about what you plan to discuss. 
  • Be engaging and interactive. While lectures are fine, we prefer panels that introduce a creative way to communicate with the audience. Q&A time is acceptable, but not for the entire duration of the panel.
  • Be audience appropriate. Panels for all audience age groups are welcome, just make sure to let us know your panel is 18+ if it is for more adult audiences!

Panel submissions will open on January 15, 2017 and will close on April 30, 2018 or when all time slots fill up. Submitting the Panel Pre-Application Form below is only to show interest, and does not bind you into an agreement with Animanga.  Laptops will not be provided or available, panelists are required to bring their own if one is required. Panels will take place on a stage, and will not be ticketed for any additional fee.

Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Animanga reserves the right to approve or reject applications at its discretion. You will be notified about further registration requirements should we feel you are ideal candidate. Please apply as soon as possible to give us time to review you application.


    How long until I hear back from you?

    It depends. You should get a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your proposal, but after that, there’s no set timetable. This means we may hold off on sending status updates until April 30th. 

    What devices do you support?

    Currently, we only support laptops (PC and Mac). We can’t connect a tablet or phone to our system. If you plan to have a digital presentation, make sure you can run it from a laptop. For audio, we have connections that go right into the headphone jack on your laptop. For video, we have standard VGA connections as well as Mac-to-VGA adapters, and HDMI connections. Please make sure we know which connections you need so we can ensure the proper connections are in your panel room.

    Will you have internet or WiFi?

    Unfortunately, no, we do not have wi-fi available in the events rooms. Please save all files you need for your presentation in a way that you can bring with you, such as on a laptop or USB drive.

    Do panelists get special rates for badges?

    If you are selected as a panelist, you will receive complementary Weekend Badges. 

    How big can my group be?

    There can be up to 5 panelists for each panel. Events that require larger groups will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Larger groups should describe their situation in the application.

    Does everyone in my group need to actually speak?

    Yes, anyone who is listed as a panelist should contribute in a visible and meaningful way during the panel. For example, someone who is coming to help transport your materials can’t be listed as a group member.

    Can I run a contest/raffle.

    Yes, but Animanga is not responsible for management, prizes or fulfillment. 

    Can I get another person’s information to contact them about joining their group?

    Due to privacy concerns, we can’t give out panelist’s information, but we will happily give your information to the other party. They can contact you at that point if they’re interested.

    My panel wasn’t accepted. Can I submit another one?


    What do you have available for me to use in your panel rooms?

    We make sure to include a projector, speakers and equipment to connect a laptop. Unless otherwise requested, we will also provide a table, up to 5 chairs, and up to 3 microphones. Laptops will not be provided or available, panelists are required to bring their own if one is required. Please email us at with any special requests.

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