Animanga 2020 Announces Special Guests for Anime & Gaming Convention

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Animanga 2020 Announces Special Guests for Anime & Gaming Convention

Pomona — February 8, 2020 – Pomona’s premier anime and gaming convention, Animanga 2020, will be held this year from Friday through Sunday, July 31st – August 2nd at the Fairplex Exposition Complex. It will feature a huge selection of Japanese arcades, Exhibitors and Artist Alley vendors, tournaments, retro gaming consoles, and most importantly special guests.

The guests will participate in a variety of panels on popular series and will also take part in autograph sessions happening throughout the convention. Special Guests include:

Micah Solusod (Twitter: @maioceaneyes)

Voice of:

Soul Evans (#SoulEater)

Yuno (#BlackClover)

Touma Kamijou (#ACertainMagicalIndex)

Yukine (#Noragami)

Mizuki (#KamisamaKiss)

Midnight (#FairyTail)

Bryce Papenbrook (Twitter: @BrycePapenbrook)

Voice of:

Kirito (#SwordArtOnline)

Inosuke (#DemonSlayer)

Eren (#AttackOnTitan)

Rin (#BlueExorcist)

Meliodas (#SevenDeadlySins)

Adrien (#MiraculousLadybug)

Chris Wehkamp (Twitter: @ChrisWehkamp)

Voice of:

Aizawa #Eraserhead (#MyHeroAcademia)

Bruno (#TheRoyalTutor)

Hinawa (#FireForce)

Arima (#TokyoGhoulRE)

Ren (#FairyTail)

Katagawa Jr (#Borderlands3)


Dave Trosko (Twitter: @DaveTrosko)

Voice of:

Gauche (#BlackClover)

Spain (#Hetalia)

Guren (#SeraphoftheEnd)

Rokuro (#DeadmanWonderland)

Present Mic (#MyHeroAcademia)

Kyousuke (#SchoolRumble)

Yahiro (#GuiltyCrown)

These are just some of the guest that will be at Animanga 2020. Online registration for Animanga 2020 is available on the Animanga website. Badge purchases will also be available at the door, though for slightly increased price.

For additional information about Animanga 2020, please visit

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