Arcade Area Sponsor | Animanga 2021

This is a Sponsorship Reservation.  After payment, we will follow up with you for additional information to complete your sponsorship order.  Payment confirms your sponsorship and removes the option for purchase from any another sponsor.  


We bring free-play arcades and videogame consoles to our event every year. Some previous highlights included Dance Dance Revolution, jubeat, reflecbeat, Sound Voltex, Super Table Flip, Taiko no Tatsujin, Gunslinger Stratos, Initial D8, Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2, Street Fighter III, Persona 4 Ultimax, and BlazBlue Head-to-Head. This package is pricing to include the game rentals and electricity fees for 50+ arcade cabinets for the full weekend.
The Arcade Area Sponsor receives the following:
• 20’ x 30’ Island Booth space.
• 20’ W x 5’ H, double-sided, full color banner hanging above the arcade area.
• A full-width banner on website homepage, with hyperlink button.
• A full-page, full color ad in Program Guidebook (print).
• Company logo on Program Guidebook’s Sponsor page (print).
• “Sponsored by” denoted on every mention of the Animanga 2020 Arcade Area online, in print, and in public announcements.
• Twelve (12) complimentary badges to the event.
• “Thank you” message tagging your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
• Email blast about your business sponsoring the arcades.
• One (1) free insert included in the convention’s swag bag. (Must be provided by you, the sponsor, at least ten calendar days before the event.)

Arcade Area Sponsor