Come and browse the wares of dozens of vendors! Purchase merchandise from your favorite series, such as figurines, plush, posters, clothing and more.

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2019 Exhibitors

168 Dragon trading inc.

Booth #: 306

For nearly a decade, Dragons Trading has been traveling across the United States selling the newest toys released.


Booth #: 201, 202

Akibento is a monthly anime subscription box company. Our mystery anime boxes are filled with all kind of anime goodies, from action figure, plush to apparel and t-shirt.



Booth #: 504, 505, 604, 605


Booth #: 206, 207

Anime 3PM.png

anime 3PM Collectibles

Booth #: 601, 602

Anime 3PM Collectibles is your One-Stop Online Retail Shop for all your Anime related Goods and Merchandise. Whether you are an avid manga reader, figurines collector, TCG player, or a Gundam modeling hobbyist, we have what your need.

Booth #: 301, 302, 303

Your dependable source for the hottest in Anime goods! Our outstanding product lines include art instruction & technique books, visual art books, story boards, the works of famous illustrators, animation ground-work, manga (graphic novels), video game art, and art supplies.

bento samurai xtreme.jpg

Bento Samurai Xtreme

Booth #: 401

We are dedicated to promoting Japanese Otaku culture through discussion about what's hot in the industry and by providing both current and classic Anime products for people of all ages to enjoy. Bento Samurai Xtreme strives to promote Japanese Otaku culture in all its forms.


Booth #: 607, 608

We are originally from Japan and now we have grown up to 9 stores in US. BUY & SELL Books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Games, & Anime/Comic Figures! We are trying our best to serve local communities for creating the environment of living smart. The concept of “recycling”, use smart & live smart of being nice and easy to earth.


Booth #: 405

We create hand crafted art & accessories.


Booth #: 501, 502

We sell Japanese kimono/obi and handcrafted obi, bags, and pillows, and dress customers up in a modern way throughout SoCal.

Cosiso inc

Booth #: 210

Selling hats, foam swords, and cosplay props.


Booth #: 310

All of our decals are first hand drawn, scanned and cleaned up on the computer, and then printed out on our plotter in vinyl. Please visit our website if you would like to place an order for our decals. We also do special orders!



Booth #: 609, 610

Fairy Shop is a new brand that works with talented designers to provide American girls who love Japanese culture and fashion. Our products including clothing, dress, bags, and accessories and a lot more cute stuff.

Gacha x2

Booth #: 304

What is Gacha-Gacha?  Gacha-Gacha is a toy dispensing machine that is extremely popular in Japan, and especially in Akihabara.  The capsule toys are called "gachapon".  You may find all sorts of collectible toys, from your favorite anime to cute, silly outrageous collections.  To play: buy coins from the counter, insert the coin amount into the machine, and turn the handle...Gacha-Gacha-Pon!

Golden kings toys

Booth #: 208

Purchase Pop Vinyls, Toys, Collectibles, Anime, Nendoroids and more!

Booth #: 407, 408


Booth #: 204

J&R can print and produce some of the world’s best quality t-shirts. They’re ready to scramble out those old textbooks and share with the world the joy of their distinct style art! YES! Geek is mainstream!! Finally!!!

Japan Funtime

Booth #: 109, 110

We are retail/wholesaler of anything ANIME!! Everything we carried is from JAPAN and is shipped from JAPAN! We are here to share cool anime stuff!


Booth #: 406

Custom Anime, Gaming and Comic Apparels.



Booth #: 606

Thanks for your lunch money. Identity and culture apparel for casual villians, kaiju and your okaasan.



Booth #: 309, 409



Booth #: 509, 510


Booth #: 402, 403

Let our cute and cozy hoodies accompany you on your adventures! At LunaCatz, we hope to refresh your everyday wardrobe with a dose of purr-sonality and fun. There is no limit on your imagination, why should there be one on your clothes?

mega bitez

Booth #: 203

It’s Super Effective!!!



Booth #: 503


Pennavir Decals

Booth #: 603

Unique Pop-Culture vinyl decals for cars, laptops, cell phones and more. We sell at conventions across the USA, as well as at our website!


Goozee Pins

Booth #: 102, 103

Custom Anime and Gaming themed pins and stickers.



Booth #: 107, 108

Shark Robot

Booth #: 106

We specialize in selling awesomeness! 


Booth #: 205


Taiwan Doujinshi Cultural Co.

Booth #: 307, 308

Tokyo Anime MArket

Booth #: 104, 105

Toynk Toys

Booth #: 506, 507, 508

Toynk has the latest pop culture collectible toys, figures, replicas/props, statues/busts, Halloween and Christmas costumes.

Uber Loot

Booth #: 410

Uber Loot specializes in crafting otaku goods, for otaku homes. Whether we're venturing the dangerous depth of dungeons, or promoting fellow merchants and craftsmen; Uber Loot presents the finest loot in all the lands!

XavierCal Customs and Collectibles

Booth #: 101

We are an online Collectible Toy Dealer specializing in Transformers, SH Figuarts and many other Japanese figures as well as customs created by Customizer Xavier Cal!

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