Convention Rescheduled

Although we had high hopes, California state officials have announced that the lockdown is likely to last through August, effectively postponing Animanga. Fortunately, we have locked in new dates for Animanga next summer at Fairplex: July 30th 2021 – August 1st 2021.

We want to maintain our current roster of awesome Vendors and Guests, thus we are in the processing of rescheduling everyone. As an incentive for attendees to keep their badge reservations, we will be offering upgrades and perks.

An option will appear on the Animanga website shortly offering a full refund or an Enhanced Badge Package for those that would like to hold their reservations. You will also be receiving an email with instructions.

We miss all of our vendors, volunteers, and attendees. But we will see you at #Animanga2021. The amount of stored energy is going to make for an amazing convention!

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